"Lost In Startuplandia": Entrepreneurship guidance with author/entrepreneur Kelly Fitzsimmons - EricCast #11

Eric Paulsen is joined by Kelly Fitzsimmons, serial entrepreneur and author of the new book Lost in Startuplandia. She has had several successful exits with a variety of companies and investors - and some big failures. Her book eschews the usual "This is exactly how I succeeded and how you will too!" hype and notes how the infinite roads to success and surefire ways to fail. Lost in Startuplandia offers multiple perspectives and real-life examples to allow an entrepreneur to recognize and compare his or her own situation to serve as guidance... or caution. Topics include customer and location strategy, investors and pitfalls, better decision-making and confirmation bias, looking for people outside your own circle, "Zombie startups," and much more. Through the conversation, we also wander into Oculus Rift, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Moore's Law, how VR (virtual reality) programs could dramatically improve gaming, museums, film, storytelling and more, and a variety of topics.